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You don’t have to lose your immigration status because of a conviction

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Get Or Keep Your Legal Immigration Status After a Criminal Conviction

Are you a non-citizen or legal permanent resident with a criminal conviction? Sometimes a minor offense or misdemeanor conviction can cause a non-citizen to be deportable or disqualify them from legal status, citizenship or other immigration benefits.

We may be able to help you if you have a criminal conviction and would like to apply for legal status, citizenship, or reduce the risk of deportation.

We will review your criminal record, and see if there are any  immigration waivers, or post-conviction relief to reduce, vacate or expunge your conviction in criminal court.

Below are the types of instances when you may want to speak to our immigration lawyer:

  • If you were not advised that your conviction could cause immigration problems when you pleaded guilty or “no contest”, or if you were not given the option of immigration safe pleas that were available to you.
  • You have a conviction where a reduction from a felony to a misdemeanor can reduce your immigration risk
  • You need to reduce the likelihood of denial for your green card application, cancellation of removal, citizenship or other immigration petitions.

Reductions of convictions from a felony to a misdemeanor

If you have successfully completed your probation on a felony conviction, you may be eligible to reduce your felony conviction to a misdemeanor. Our office can evaluate this option with you to see if it can help you.

Motions for withdrawal of plea

Sometimes it is possible to withdraw the plea and negotiate a different plea with less harsh immigration consequences. We can review your case to see if this would assist you.


Sometimes a pardon may be the only option for people with no other convictions within the last ten years and an otherwise clean record. Our office can assist you with this process to present your best case.




Expungements can be helpful in certain discretionary cases. Contact our office for us to evaluate if this would be useful for you.

Vacating Criminal Convictions

For a criminal defendant who was not properly advised of the immigration consequences of their guilty or no contest plea, vacating their conviction and negotiating a conviction with reduced immigration risks can be helpful. We can review your case to see if this option is available to you.

If you or someone you know has a criminal conviction and you need help or want to discuss your immigration case, please contact us for an appointment.

We can work with you, your family member or friend, and your criminal defense attorney, to try to reduce the negative immigration consequences of a criminal conviction.

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If you want to discuss your immigration questions or concerns, please contact us for an appointment.

Our Experience

At our law office, we know that a person’s immigration situation can also affect their whole family and that each person’s case is different. So we work to understand your particular problem and work with you for the best solution for you.

If necessary, we suggest documents, waivers or pardons that can help you to remain in the U.S. legally.

We prepare all the necessary paperwork and documents, and file them with the immigration court and government agencies.

We prepare you for your interviews and hearings. This way you can understand what is happening in your case, and we your answer questions.

We have significant experience in handling Removal Proceedings and a high success rate.

Contact us today if you need to stop deportation or removal from the U.S. It is important to get help from an experienced immigration lawyer. Please call us to speak to our immigration attorney at (626) 256-8500.

Our Process

Our goal is to work with you to solve potential problems and avoid unnecessary delay or denial. We evaluate your immigration history and background and whether you qualify to apply. With our experience we know the ever-changing laws and how best to present your case at a reasonable cost.

How we've Helped clients

A native of Mexico, Mr. H is a qualified French chef who hired our Law Offices to help him obtain a green card so that he could work in the U.S. legally at a Los Angeles area French restaurant. We filed his Labor Certification petition and after this was approved we successfully filed for his green card application.

Mr. R., a native of Belize and a U.S. citizen, had his first green card application denied when he had used a ‘notario’ or immigration consultant. After this, when Mr. R hired our law office for help our goal was to provide him with a fast, and successful process. In addition to taking care of all the problems which had led to his previous denial, we provided Mr. R with periodic updates regarding his daughter’s petition and addressed any questions or concerns that he had along the way. Eventually, Mr. R’s family visa petition was approved and his daughter was able to enter the U.S. legally as a legal permanent resident.
Ms. M had not filed her two minor sons’ I-751 petitions to Remove the Conditions of Residence before their legal residency cards (‘green cards’) expiration date. After she noticed that their green cards had expired, she contacted our law office to seek help for she was concerned that the USCIS would deport her children back to their native Philippines where they did not have anyone to care for them. After a thorough analysis of her case, we filed an I-751 petition with the USCIS with strong legal arguments in support of her sons’ late applications and good supporting documents. Their application was approved after a few months and the children were able to get their permanent green cards.

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